Women And Child Of Aspirational India

India is set to celebrate 75th year of independence or Azadi ka amrit mahotsav on 15 th August this year. India is one of the youngest demographic country in the world with half of average population around age of 25.

Women of Aspirational India.

As per 2011 census, females constituted 48.5% of estimated 121 crores and the sex ratio (number of females per 1000 males) at all India level was 943 and the same for rural and urban areas are 949 and 929 respectively. Even the sex ratio in rural India is slightly better than unban counterparts but the overall condition of women in rural India is marginal. The situation of Women is even more greyish in almost all basic parameters like health, education, nutrition, crime against women, immunisation and life expectancy. Women in India face a lot of obstacles in their Social, Economic and Political life. This is also due to the feudal traditions and mindset of the people. The women have to face the challenges in India, such as the dowry, female foeticide, domestic violence, denial of inheritance, rape, sale, witch hunt and trafficking of girls, etc. Women have to execute a multilateral role in society, i.e., as the breadwinner of the family, as the caretaker, as a mother, wife, daughter, and also a service provider to the society. Despite this fact, women’s contribution to the development of the nation is equal, but still, discrimination is made based on gender. The women in India are deprived of their fundamental right to dignity and left alone with the question of gender equality.

Way forward.

The idea of self-reliant, independent women making independent decisions of her life can be achieved only by educating women and helping them achieve economic independence and knowledge and awareness about their rights. Particular emphasis must be provided in educating women on the constitution’s legal and Human rights provided to them.

A multi-layered strategy is required to be developed to assess the core causes of violence against women. The state and society must provide support to victim-survivors to ensure that they can carry on with their daily lives. In dealing with the problem of oppression of women, innovative levels of coordination and integration must be built up between government, civil society, and the family. Our organization is working hard and requires your support and help in the same ways we are doing. We unitedly can make the world a better place for victimized women of our society.

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